Balea Barstool


Wooden Barstool for “The Novelties” collection for Missana.

Muka was inspired by the whales that came from the North Sea to the Basque coast when designing these Nordic style bar stools. Balea means whale in Basque, and the rounded shapes of this stool remind us indeed to a whale´s belly.

The decorative horizontal seams of the seat also resemble the belly of these cetaceans. Their soft and organic lines with Nordic style show us the wooden legs with a very natural and warm finishing, the upholstery of the seat combines amazing textures with a cheerful splash of color.

The legs are made of solid rounded oak or beech wood. In this way we were able to maintain, in both, the materials used and the making process, the identity and the caracter of a handmade product.


Available here: MISSANA


David Rodríguez & Carlos Huecas
Cualiti Photo Studio

Scenography: Masquespacio