Videogame laboratory

Video game laboratory

A video game showroom in the center of Bilbao.

One of our latest works has been adapting the “Basquegame Lab” space, in which the Gaia Cluster, in collaboration with the Association of Basque videogame companies, wanted to create a videogame showroom in the center of Bilbao, located in the Building Expansion.
This showroom is dedicated to the demonstration of videogame technologies in the industry and serious games. It consists of a laboratory that aims to be a meeting point where companies and organizations can learn about practical cases implemented in companies that use virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D environments ...
Eleven companies will use this space: Agla4d Construction Technology; Binary Soul; DigiPen-Bilbao, Gestionet, Ideable Solution, Innovae, Ludus, Solid Virtual, Tak Learning, Todologic and Virtualware.

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