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AD Architectural Digest – Muka Design Lab studio article.


Selected from Europe – Book.
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AD architectural Digest
 – Magazine Article about Habitat and new designers.
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El País – Article of print and digital edition, about Balea tables.
Interior Design – Magazine Article about Habitat and new designers.
AD Architectural Digest – Magazine Article about Habitat and new designers.
Domus XL – Article about Balea tables.
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Curiosismo – Article about Balea tables.
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Deidigital – Article about Nude, speaking of Balea tables.
Tarte – Article about tits and Muka.
JVKY.CO – Article about Balea tables.
Decoramus – Video and report about our study in Nude.
Vbenzeri.com – Article about Balea tables.


ON Diseño – ON design report magazine, No. 333,
talking about our product: Table X.
AIT Architecture Interior – Report Interior Architecture magazine AIT,  of 2013, with our product Table X.
Brand – Muka interview in Brand Design Lab, No. 07 magazine.


Interior Design – Published article published in this magazine.
November 2012 about Nude, talking about Muka.
Decoramus – Article published in the blog about Muka.
Generation of Bare – Article published in this website, about Muka.
Blog Design – Table X blog.
Adobe course Muse – Muka website as an example of good design made with Adobe Muse: http://www.cursmuse.cat/exemples.html
Design Diary – Muka product in DAILY DESIGN.
Euskadi Innova – Article about Muka in EUSKADI INNOVA.
Mocoloco – product published in the journal of contemporary design.
Domus XL – Product published in the blog of Architecture and Home.
Newspaper Gara – Zazpika Magazine of newspaper Gara. Ask a column dedicated to one of our products: Cloud colander.

Muka in the media

The best thing is to see how humor is also part of their works. Their collection of ceramics “Tetaza” or “Cloud” colander are a funny nod to the locals who understand their suttle meanings without explanation.

Goito Paradelo, Materialsoul Manager

“Original designs are what Lucas and Laxmi do best. It is their way of communicating ideas, which like them are more personal, made locally and by local workshops. Under this philosophy they have created products like the “Reves” chair, the “X” table and “Balea” coffee table collection.

Goito Paradelo, Materialsoul Manager

A pick of the best, the latest, the greenest, the quirkiest, the most luxurious… that money can buy

Forbes Magazine India

“Stomp, fresh and colorful proposals seek to break from the conventionalisms”

AD Magazine

Who doesn’t need a hug every now and then? We’ve found a chair offers you exactly that!

Leana Schoeman, House and Leisure magazine


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