The Muka team

Our goal is to create inspiring objects, to make more beautiful life, 

easier life and to create friendly environments.

Muka Design Lab is an award winning industrial design studio from the Basque Country in Northern Spain that specializes in Slow design to create furniture, consumer goods and home appliances with character.

We believe in “slow design” and work with talented local artisans and craftsmen to design everyday objects people love. From sustainable furniture to industrial design concepts, every great design begins with a story that gives life to each piece.

Our work has proudly been featured in Architectural Design, Fast Company, Archi Expo, de zeen, El Pais and awarded at international design expos from Milan to Los Angeles.

We take everyday products and give them personality from concept to reality.

Slow design from concept, to shape,

every object in your home has a story.


Identity with Slow Design

Slow Design

Slow Design differentiates our products from the rest of the product mass production assess the use of local materials compared to more common materials.

Also, we like to strengthen the local economy working with local artisans and workshops, reversing in the local economy. It is a proposal different consumer society. It brings a differentiated style, and personal, more thoughtful, enduring and sustainable. We do not rule out new manufacturing techniques, but we try to rescue techniques forgotten, discarded materials, etc. It is not a throwback but a look back to walk forward. The global market is in local difference is a way to share culture through manufacturing methods, objects and forms.

Read this article written by Muka Design Lab, in Proyecta56 magazine.

(Written in spanish.)

How we work

How we do?

In several phases that we can be divided into:

1- Brief: Specification of customer needs. Analysis: Documentation, analysis and market research needs previously marked in the brief.

2- Ideation: Stage consisting creative idea generation and concepts that solve the needs of the project. Using creativity techniques achieved the “concept” that will solve the project.

3- Development and implementation: Last phase of work in which we develop the “concept”, to be finally produced and implemented. Project Leader: Coordination of the project from the initial phase to production control.

Way of work in Muka

The heart and soul

Meet Lucas and Laxmi the soul of Muka Design Lab


Laxmi Nazabal graduated in Fine Arts and brings creativity, color and aesthetic to their projects. She met Lucas studying a grant for the DZ-Design Center in Product Design at the Coventry University School of Arts and Engineering where they both graduated with honors in 2006. After graduating, Laxmi worked in ONN Arquitectura Interior focused on interior design and furniture design. After gaining experience, in 2011 they founded Muka Design Lab to pursue the exploration of their own unique concepts.

Lucas Abajo has a degree in Engineering in Industrial Design bringing structure, form and shape to create balanced designs that reflect harmony with their surroundings. Lucas met Laxmi studying on a grant for the DZ-Design Center in Product Design at the Coventry University School of Arts and Engineering where they both graduated with honors in 2006. After graduating, Lucas worked in Weiss Design, ADN Design and LNKIDO as freelance focused on product design, stands design and interior design. After gaining experience working in those product design studios, in 2011 they founded Muka Design Lab to pursue the exploration of their own unique concepts.